Bikini Laser Hair Removal

Clean, supple and smooth skin is a joy to behold not just on your arms and legs but on your private parts as well. How long can the effects of a shaving or waxing last? The hair begins coming back razor sharp and prickly, and you need to repeat the process to look hair-free again. With Advanced Derma Laser’s bikini laser hair removal, you could do away with this practice forever. We will help eliminate every irritating stray, so that impulsive tropical vacations or pool parties will not having you running to the salon. You will never have to undergo a painful waxing process again when you choose laser hair removal. You can enjoy this carefree, hygienic feeling forever.

Here are the advantages you get when you choose Advanced Derma Laser for your hair removal needs.

  • Flawless results with our powerful FDA certified lasers
  • Extremely safe procedures performed by licensed professionals
  • Affordable prices with a free touch-up on every treatment
  • We provide free promotional consultation
  • For your convenience and savings, Advanced Derma Laser offers both individual and package treatment options.
  • Most patients need 4 to 9 treatments, and, after evaluation, we can determine the best treatment plan at the most affordable prices for you

All our procedures are performed in a relaxed and comfortable setting. Both men and women can now enjoy the benefits of going hairless with our bikini laser hair removal procedure. So go on and confidently sport the latest fashions of the bikini without any worries!

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