Facial Hair Removal Treatment

Fine, flowing tresses are a welcome enhancement. However excess hair on your face can be a source of major embarrassment and hassle since you have to undergo repetitive waxing or tweezing to keep it manageable. With Advanced Derma Laser’s facial hair removal laser treatments, you can do away with these hassles, forever. A beautiful, hair-free face will welcome you every day for the rest of your life!

Laser Treatment for Hair Removal on Face

For Our Female Customers

Unwanted or excess hair on the face can be quite irritating, even leading to low self-esteem issues in some cases. With our powerful laser machines working their magic, Advanced Derma Laser can get those unwanted hairs off your face. You will love your new smooth, supple, hair-free face without any of the extended beauty regimen required month after month like clock-work.

For Our Male Customers

You do not need to make shaving a ritual for the rest of your life. Our laser treatment for hair removal on the face can eliminate all the hair, keep a light coating on the chin or maintain a certain shape if you like quite easily. For those who darken their locks, a greying beard can look out of place, making you feel awkward. Not anymore! With our treatments you can match your ‘young at heart’ feeling, with a clean, fuzz-free face every day of the week.

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