How Effective is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal can prove to quite effective on dark haired individuals. Those with light blonde, light red, white or grey hair may find this treatment does not affect their follicles in the same way as it does on their dark haired counterparts. The laser cannot detect the lighter follicle against the skin color which is the reason why lasers are ineffective for hair removal in such cases.

Apart from these hair colors, laser hair removal has 80-99% chance of permanently reducing the growth of hair for people with a combination of dark hair and light skin. Hair grows in cycles. The hair at the time of treatment needs to be at a certain growth stage for the laser to detect and penetrate the hair follicle. If you need to know how effective is laser hair removal you have to understand that in order for the procedure to remove every visible hair, the treatment needs to be carried out till every strand of hair in the treated area has grown out. This is the reason why a successful treatment extends from 4 to 6 sessions,in order to catch the emerging hair from every growth cycle. Now a days girls are very much concerned about the bikini hair removal so that’s why special types of effective lasers are available in market for bikini laser hair removal treatment.

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