How Much Does Full Body Laser Hair Removal Cost?

The laser hair removal costs for full body will depend on the number of sittings you require. On your free initial consultation, our specialists at Advanced Derma Laser treatment center will provide a comprehensive break-up of the costs so that you can make your decision without any doubts.

Moreover we also offer a package of multiple treatments ranging from 4 to 6 sessions, for all procedures. By choosing our attractively priced packages you will be able to avail awesome discounts including a few treatments completely free of cost. Each one of the treatment you choose at our facility will get you the chance to enjoy a free touch-up as well, from our expert professionals.

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost for Back?

Laser hair removal for the back is chosen for the convenience it offers. The cost varies depending on the number of treatments required, the size of the skin treated and the type of hair. However we understand that the prices can have a large impact on your decision to undergo a treatment, which is why at Advanced Derma Laser treatment center we have ensured our costs are the most competitive when it comes to individual as well as package treatments. Our laser hair removal treatments can save your time and money on future efforts and leave you with a better looking body.

We love to see our customers walking out with happy smiles and we know our prices too form a huge part of it.

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