How to Remove Unwanted Body Hair?

Excess body hair can be an unwelcome intrusion especially when it occurs on the more visible parts of the body. Most of it can be controlled through waxing and shaving. However this has a very limited reach and the hair will grow back within a few weeks or a month at the most. In this scenario, it is laser hair removal which offers a safe and very effective way of eliminating the occurrence of excessive body hair.

Removing Hair with Better Results

At Advanced Derma Laser hair removal center, we have successfully performed over 300,000 laser hair removal treatments. The time required may vary from person to person however the one result that cuts across all procedures is a permanent reduction of hair in up to 80-99% in all cases, using our new innovative technology that is FDA certified. The darker and courser hair will be gone in 4-6 sessions while the lighter and finer hair will need more time.

At Advanced Derma Laser we will answer your question on how to remove unwanted body hair using our affordable package of treatments. Come in for a free initial consultation and we will tell you all about the excellent advantages of using the laser therapy for permanent hair reduction. Here at Advanced Derma Laser we stand behind the promise we make!!

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