September Special

  • For Men: Back Laser hair removal package of six treatments comes with six free laser hair removal hands treatment $1400

  • For Women: Legs package of six treatments comes with six free upper lip treatments  $1499

OUR GUARANTEE: Single treatment comes with one free touch up two weeks later. A package
of 6 sessions comes with 6 free touch ups between 15-21 days after each treatment.

Before you visit, make sure you read the following:

  • No tweezing , waxing or depilatory creams for at least three weeks prior to treatment. Shaving is okay; however, please do not shave for at least two days before you come to our office for treatment: we need to see where the hair is located.
  • Laser treatments are not effective for white, grey, red or light blonde hairs. These types of hairs are not treat able with laser.
  • We do not treat pregnant women.
  • The day of your appointment, please do not apply any type of cream or lotion to the area which is going to be treated.
  • We offer per treatment fees as well as package options at a 15% DISCOUNT on laser hair removal packages. Please contact us for more information.

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