Laser Hair Removal Treatment: For Smooth, Silky, Beautiful Skin


Women world over are always looking for the safest and most permanent method of removing or reducing unwanted hair. Laser hair removal has become a very popular way of treating hair on the legs, upper lip, bikini line, hands and armpits.

How does Laser Hair Removal Procedure Work?
In this medical procedure a beam of light is used to damage only the hair follicle and not the skin. The light emitted by the laser is absorbed by the pigment present in the hair. This light converts itself into heat and stops or delays the growth of any hair from the follicle. Manhattan laser hair removal treatments are conducted by a certified and licensed doctor who has a specialization in cosmetic surgery or dermatology. Choosing a qualified experienced professional will reduce the number of complications or side effects that may occur. Before you begin the procedure, a short consultation session will be conducted, where the doctor will review your medical history and take into account any past procedures, allergies or skin disorders. Both the benefits and the potential risks of laser treatment will be discussed. Finally the treatment plan, the expectations and the costs will be finalized.

Instructions Prior to the Laser Treatment
There are specific instructions recommended by the New York laser hair removal clinic that needs to be followed to the T so that the entire procedure is effective. The patient needs to stay out of the sun for a span of six weeks prior to treatment and use a strong sunscreen on a daily basis. A bleaching cream will be prescribed to remove any tan or darkened skin. You will be instructed to avoid using any skin cream that doesn’t provide adequate protection from the sun. Four weeks prior to the treatment, all hair removal procedures must be avoided including plucking and waxing. All medications such as anti -inflammatory drugs which can cause blood thinning must be stopped. A day before the actual procedure, shaving is recommended since it leaves the hair shaft intact.

What Can You Expect From the Laser Treatment?
The entire process requires two to six treatments to be completely effective. Depending on the location and pace of hair growth, the interval will be decided. During the procedure you may have to wear special eye wear to protect your eyes and the doctor may apply an anesthetic or a cool gel to reduce any discomfort and to protect the skin. Although initially, swelling will be experienced, a steroid cream or an ice pack will help your skin recover faster. Even after the procedure, sun exposure is to be avoided for at least six weeks. Manhattan laser hair removal treatment requires a couple of repetitions because of new hair growth. While the procedure isn’t permanent it can delay the hair growth for a couple of months or even years. The hair that does grow back eventually will be finer and lighter in texture.

The New York laser hair removal procedure is quick, safe, convenient, non –invasive and a great way for women to get rid of unwanted hair.