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Is Hair Loss Inevitable?

Hair loss is one of those unfortunate, but oh-so-obvious signs of aging. It feels inevitable! And the experience can be traumatic. Like it or not, one of the first things people notice is your hair.

When you look in the mirror and notice your follicle count waning slowly, your confidence may also take a hit. Some people may shrug and say “Just time and tides, we all lose vitalityas we age.”

But we at Plastic Surgery Specialists are here to tell you that you can fight hair loss.

With Nutrafol, your once-receding hairlines can be reversed. We offer a complete arsenal in the fight against hair loss with PROVEN, effective hair loss treatment. Non-surgicalno-downtime treatments, such as our Livra Microchanneling system, combined with our special supplement, Nutrafol, create new follicles, trigger hair regrowth and thickening of hair.

We are very excited to offer this treatment to our patients, and help them rejoice in thick, healthy, lustrous hair.



Our hair restoration treatment consists of multiple steps to prepare the hair follicle with a rich supply of nutrients. Then the PRP treatment with Livra Microchanneling nourishes the scalp and creates the ideal environment for new hair growth, using your own growth factors and the microchanneling delivery system.






Our Procell Microchanneling device is state-of-the-art with custom needle depths that precisely deliver the growth “serum.” The custom device tip is designed to open up tiny channels to deliver the nutrients while creating minimal damage. There will be some inflammation, but the inflammation is intentional. Inflammation will encourage the body’s own healing response which rejuvenates the scalp with vital growth factors. Compared to other hair restoration methods, the Procell Microchannel creates better results with less downtime.

The treatment is three-fold. First: Nutrafol supplements prepare your system with the proper nutrients. Then Procell microchanneling creates a pathway for your healing growth factor. Lastly, the “injury” created by the microchanneling helps boost immune system response to the area and rapid healing.

We encourage you to stay extra hydrated before the procedure to help with the discomfort. We also use super-chilled air during the procedure to make it more comfortable.

The treatment protocol outlines your pre-treatment regimen, which includes 4 weeks of Nutrafol supplements before the procedure. A week before your treatment, we ask you to avoid multivitamins and blood thinning agents, including Vitamin A and E, Ginko, Garlic, Flax, Cod Liver Oil, and essential fatty acids. Three days before the treatment day, we ask you to stop smoking and avoid alcohol and caffeine, as they impede the healing process. Additionally, we ask you to hydrate your system to make both the PRP harvesting easier and the minimize your discomfort. Avoid anti-inflammatory medicines such as Advil, Motrin, aspirin, and Naproxen for three days prior, and three days after the procedure. Inflammation is a good thing when we are trying to bring blood flow to the area. The body takes over and sends healing compounds and cells, creating new growth. The procedure itself can be painful, as the scalp area has many nerve endings and is sensitive.


Your scalp can be tender after treatment but typically resolves quickly. Some people report headaches, but we have not experienced that issue with any of our patients. You should shampoo your hair after treatment, with a gentle shampoo and thorough rinse.

Hair regrowth takes some time, but we have patients with significant results in as little as 4 weeks.


Ideal candidates for hair restoration treatment with Nutrafol are healthy, adult men and women who have experienced hair loss. If you are in the early states of hair loss, this treatment is an ideal solution and can significantly improve symptoms.

Schedule a consultation today to learn more about our complete hair loss treatment and how Nutrafol can give you a fuller, thicker head of hair. Your consultation is a personalized meeting with our world-class physicians where you can discuss your goals and concerns. Your hair loss symptoms will be examined and a specialized treatment course will be tailored to your case.

Contact us to learn more about Nutrafol and our ProCell Microchanneling treatment, the latest and most potent tool in the fight against hair loss!

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