Answers to Five Most Common Permanent Laser Hair Removal Questions


Is permanent laser hair removal really permanent? Which body parts can be treated? How painful is bikini hair removal when done with laser? Am I a suitable candidate for this procedure? What are the risks associated with laser hair removal? Read on to get answers for all these questions.

1. Results in Permanent Hair Reduction
In laser hair removal, laser is used to target and destroy existing hair follicles so that hair cannot grow back again. A client usually requires between six to eight treatment sessions to experience significant hair removal. Permanent laser hair removal is a very effective way to reduce the amount of hair on your body. Due to factors such as hormonal changes or weight changes, new hair follicles can grow again and some clients may require annual maintenance treatments to ensure silky-smooth, hair-free skin.

2. Suitable for Several Body Parts
Permanent laser hair removal works for several parts of the body including bikini line, upper lips, chin, arms, shoulders, legs and back where hair growth is unwanted. The only area you need to avoid is around the eyes – for example, eyebrows, temples, upper cheek – because there is a risk of eye damage from the laser. It’s not necessary to get this procedure done at a doctor’s office but it is important to choose licensed professionals who understand how to select the right lasers and implement steps to ensure patient safety.

3. Solutions for Different Skin Tones
Laser hair removal works on different skin types ranging from the Type 1 (light skinned people) to Type 6 (dark skin tones). Depending on your skin type, a licensed professional will know which laser equipment to use – usually, light skinned people require Alexandrite or Diode laser whereas dark skin people receive treatment from an Nd:YAG laser. Effective laser hair removal also depends on your hair color – the results are very good for dark hair but laser is ineffective in removing blond, white or light red hair.


4. Time It Takes to Complete Procedure
Procedure time depends on different factors including the area being covered, hair texture and hair thickness. A laser beam can destroy a hair follicle in a millisecond, so a small area such as upper lip or underarm can be treated within a few minutes. Bikini laser hair removal can be completed in a shorter time than what it would take to remove hair from the legs, hands or back. A procedure for treating a larger areas such as the back or legs can take up to half an hour.

5. Risks Associated With Laser
Laser hair removal comes with certain risks, especially if it’s not performed by a licensed or experienced professional. The biggest risk is eye damage, hence it’s important for both the client and person operating the laser to wear appropriate safety goggles. Other risks include blistering, scarring and burning. Certain medications can make you sensitive to lasers – hence it’s important to provide correct details of your medical history while consulting the laser specialist.

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